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 just wanted to make this post for motivational purposes. If you’ve found yourself struggling to get a deal, just keep grinding. You’re time will come! This is the check I picked up today for my first deal. I can’t thank Mit enough for all his help and you guys in the group for answering all my questions. We gota keep going no matter how hard it gets! Stay blessed!

- Sandi McCall

Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you so much Mit Smith you really helped me through this ENTIREEEEEEE PROCESS!! 
Remember your current situation is not your final destination! Stay encouraged & consistent guys! YOU GOT THIS!!! 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

-Dayah Richardson


Ayo Mit Smith I love you boi hahaha we going up playa thank you for EVERYTHING! Taking your class has changed my life! Yo everyone who has deals or bout to get deals stay patient and true to the course it will all work out in the end!

 - Joseph Jenkins, Atlanta, GA

 - Joseph Jenkins, Atlanta, GA

extremely grateful for crossing the $30k mark wholesaling houses. Mit Smith you really have no idea how much i appreciate meeting you, finding you on IG, and mixing FAITH with CONSISTENT ACTION. i work full time as a high school math teacher, I am raising my 15 year old nephew, living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. all I know is grind bc I AM changing the legacy of my family and building wealth!

- Nina Granberry, Brooklyn, NY

Closed on Our First Deal Yesterday And We close on our Second Deal Tuesday Both In Cleveland . With More than 8 more deals under Contract.Just Want to say stay focused and Follow thru. The Knowledge And Blueprint Works You Just have to Apply it.Keep in mind that I didn’t know nothing about this Before I finished the Masterclass with Mit Smith a month ago. #stayfocused

- Abu Cooper, Cleveland, Ohio

Luris Flips 1st Wholesale Deal & Makes $5k Profit in Baltimore!

Kaila flipped 4 deals in North Carolina in under 3 months (from her home in California)

Christina flipped her 1st deal without having to get on the phone with the seller!

Dayah made $7,000 on her 1st Deal as a recent college Grad

Nina Granberry made $11,000 on her first deal in Kansas City from her home in Brooklyn

Joseph landed his first deal in just 60 days in Atlanta, GA!

Anthony Diggs does 1.5 Million in Real Estate deals in just 4 years and has 25 Rental Properties!

Sandi earned $37,000 on her 1st deal in Virginia Beach, VA!

Introducing 9to5 Flipping Houses Masterclass 


-Helping You Close Your First Deal In The Next 30 Days
-Helping You To Get In Touch With Motivated Sellers To Get Your First $5,000-$10,000 Check
-While Working Your 9-5
-Without Having To Leave You Home

24/7 Lifetime Access. Work at Your Own Pace.

When You Join 9to5 Flipping Houses Masterclass, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

  • You receive COMPLETE ACCESS to our video training modules that show you the exact steps for finding motivated sellers ready to sell their house to you, hungry cash buyers actively looking for deals to flip the house too. 
  • Choosing the Right Market To Target - You'll know exactly which market to invest in and you'll know how to setup your house flipping business remotely in another city.
  • Finding Deals- Targeting The Right SELLERS to find Deals is the most profitable thing you can do.  You will learn how to target motivated sellers and get sellers PHONE number and email address
  • Knowing What to Offer - You'll Discover how To Determine what a Property is Worth no Matter what the condition is
  • Struggled or Nervous of Saying The Wrong Thing? That's why we Include Our Custom Lead Sheet Script + Negotiation One Liners & Rebuttal Script so that You'll know what to say at all times & how to position yourself as the EXPERT investor when making your offer even if You've Never done a Deal Before.
  • Closing The Deal - You'll discover how to find Investor Friendly licensed attorneys or title companies to handle the whole closing process for YOU. You just sit back and choose to get your Profit wired to your Bank Account or receive a Check.
  • Finding Employees to Help Automate your Business for $3-$5 a Hour 
  • ​BONUS : Bullet Proof Contracts that Will allow you to Flip this Properties Risk Free
  • BONUS : Text Messaging Software I use Plus Scripts 
  • BONUS : Custom CRM of Podio so that you'll have access to your seller leads, buyer leads, and have an overview of your whole real estate business from any computer, ipad, or cell phone.
  •  New Student Orientation Calls

You Cannot Get Ahead In Life ONLY Working Your 9to5! Wholesaling Real Estate Will Allow You To Make An Extra $5k-$10k/month!

Be the first Generation Millionaire in Your Family !
Wholesaling Real Estate is the Foundation of Real Estate. It does not require you to use your own cash, credit, have construction experience, or a Real Estate License...

But the sad fact is that most won't put the work in to obtain Financial Freedom..

Wholesaling Properties Has Afforded Me Things In Life I Could Never Imagine

What if there was a way you could:

  • Flip houses from the comfort of your home.
  • ​Spend more time with your Family & Friends & make more MONEY in less time.
  • Finally pay off your debt and stop the creditors from calling your phone.
  • ​Flip houses without having to meet sellers in person or do any of the tedious repairs like (fixing up toilets) or without any hard manual labor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I live in __________ does this work in my state?
Our strategies work in every state across the country however you need a Real Estate license in the states of Illinois &  Oklahoma due to the new flipping law that just passed in 2019.
How much money do I need to start with?
We recommend anyone that joins to have a source of income. IE: Job, investments, self-employed, etc. We would NEVER want you to take on a financial burden that you cannot handle.The amount of money needed varies for every individual based on your wants, how many deals you want to do, etc. Many of our students just started off with $50 - $300 a month. The text messaging software is free and the rates are as low as $0.02 to send a text.
Do I need a real estate license?
No out strategies our catered to non licensed investors, however if you have a license it can work in your favor. But you don't need a real estate license.
What if I have bad credit?
Your credit will not be used in any real estate transaction so even if you have a 500 it doesn't matter.
Are there any extra fees or hidden charges?
There are NO additional charges required to get access to the 9to5 Flipping Houses Masterclass course. All future updates to the platform are entirely free. You will never be required to pay a penny more.
What kind of support do you provide?
You have direct access to me and 700 + other experienced real estate investors in our private members only Facebook community. Plus we do weekly coaching calls.
Is the training courses live and available on-demand?
Yes all of our training courses are 'on-demand' training programs that can be done at your own pace from anywhere in the world. It is 100% compatible with computers, tablets, and smart phones.
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This is not a get rich quick scheme, biz opportunity, or MLM. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET OUR INFORMATION.